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Santa Barbara

  A Shore Thing
  Beach Bungalow
  Beach Walk
  Best Kept Secret
  Bird Watchers Delight
  Buena Vista
  Casa Sol y Luna
  City Lights
  Coastal Pearl
  Dolphin's Cove
  Heavenly Haven
  Hideaway Villa
  Ocean Vista
  Our Happy Place
  Pebble Hill
  Prancing Pony
  Santa Barbara Getaway
  Sea Otter
  Sea Views
  Sea Watch
  Stone House Cottage
  The Retreat
  Villa Robles
  Vista del Mar



Palm Springs

  Villa Vista

Mammoth Lakes

  Alpine Rose
  Happy Trails
  Knotty Pine


  Lake Front Retreat
  Magnificent Montana


  Ocean Front Escape


  South of France


  Sunsets and Sand


  Casa Alba
  La Torre


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Vacationing at Santa Barbara Resorts

Santa Barbara remains an absolute jewel to the vacationers of Southern California. This quaint city is home to many famous movie stars as well as thousands of other locals that make the region their residence. While not everyone can live in the city all year round, tourists can set a little time aside on their calendar to vacation in the city. This is why Santa Barbara resorts remain so very popular. They provide an excellent way to enjoy all that the location has to offer.

Santa Barbara resorts allow vacationers to enjoy the many great benefits of the town while also enjoys a great many excellent accommodations. In many ways, a top resort can truly make or break a vacation. More often than not, the Santa Barbara resorts lean more towards making the vacation thanks to the great amenities they offer.

In addition to spacious rooms and adequate living arrangements, Santa Barbara resorts are home to fine dining, spas, and on-site entertainment. This adds to an unforgettable experience which will make any trip to the Santa Barbara area a great deal of fun.

And speaking of the Santa Barbara area….

The City of Santa Barbara is home to many great attractions. Whether you are interested in sightseeing historical sites or taking part in any number of active hobbies, this city will never disappoint. It is perfect for those that have a lot of get up and go or simply wish to take part in a relaxed vacation environment.

Of course, when it comes to discussing Santa Barbara hotels, it would be impossible to discuss the value of the resort without mentioning its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The dark blue waters of the ocean are home to many wonderful active pursuits. Those that enjoy surfing, scuba, and windsailing will definitely enjoy their stay near the water. Then again, even those that may not like to venture into the water can have a lot of fun as well. The beaches are excellent for lounging and hundreds of tourists take part in this very activity each day.

Considering all the many benefits to visiting the city, does this mean that Santa Barbara resorts all come with a huge price tag? While it is definitely true there are a number of luxury resorts in the Santa Barbara region, it is also true that there are a number of budget vacation accommodations as well. So, no matter what your particular budget threshold may be, there is an option available. You do not need to feel as if you are excluded in any way from staying in this area.

Booking in advance will also help keep costs low. It can be difficult to get a good deal when the dates you want to book are approaching quickly. That is why a little foresight is helpful when planning your stay at Santa Barbara resorts. So, book your vacation a few months in advance as this will certainly help your ability to save expenses on the trip.

About the author: Melissa Pierson is a self-made entrepreneur, a well known travel consultant and vacation home interior designer. Her specialities include Santa Barbara vacation rentals, luxury and budget vacation accomodations. She consults with tourists on the differences between local Santa Barbara luxury hotels, motels and hotel packages, and spa resorts.