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Santa Barbara

  A Shore Thing
  Beach Bungalow
  Beach Walk
  Best Kept Secret
  Bird Watchers Delight
  Buena Vista
  Casa Sol y Luna
  City Lights
  Coastal Pearl
  Dolphin's Cove
  Escape to Moreton Bay
  Heavenly Haven
  Hideaway Villa
  Ocean Vista
  Our Happy Place
  Pebble Hill
  Prancing Pony
  Santa Barbara Getaway
  Sea Breeze
  Sea Otter
  Sea Views
  Sea Watch
  Stone House Cottage
  The Retreat
  Villa Robles
  Vista del Mar



Palm Springs

  Villa Vista

Mammoth Lakes

  Alpine Rose
  Happy Trails
  Knotty Pine


  Pool Side Retreat
  Quick Escape


  Lake Front Retreat
  Magnificent Montana


  Ocean Front Escape


  South of France


  Sunsets and Sand


  Casa Alba
  La Torre


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Santa Barbara hotels and resorts

Santa Barbara is a city which is located in Santa Barbara Country, California and is situated in the east-west section and on the breathtaking coastline. It is not just a popular tourist destination but it also has a robust economy which includes a number of large service sector, quality education, high end technology, health care, finance, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Visiting a place as wonderful as Santa Barbara would entail a lot of planning and I mean planning a head of time. Since it is a tourist destination, it is usually a jam packed crowd on weekends or during holidays. So before you spoil your vacation by just searching for hotels in the area, it would be best to book a hotel before hand. Or better yet, check into the vacation rental options, which will provide you with a richer experience.

Santa Barbara has many different hotels and resorts to choose from, and the accommodation will all depend on your choice. Finding a good Santa Barbara hotel and resort will be the first thing you must decide on when travelling to Santa Barbara. If you are on a tight budget you can choose between the different discounted and cheap hotels in the area. Don’t think that Santa Barbara hotels and resorts cannot offer you a hotel within your budget, because it definitely can. Again, consider looking at the vacation rentals in town as well, as they will provide you with a more intimate, and often times more affordable vacation stay.

Santa Barbara hotels and resorts can get very expensive for a weekend in Santa Barbara; whereas budget motel chains and small family-run hotels will take the fun out of the vacation experience. In the middle you have the vacation rental - a great option for many tourists. You don’t have to worry about the facilities and the service that you will get, for you will still be able to relax at a decent price, in a comfortable and spacious environment.

If you are ready to splurge for this vacation, then why don’t you try the number of luxurious hotels, you can choose between staying in the luxury of a four star or a top five star hotel. You have a choice of the different hotels which can be found within Santa Barbara and where you have access to the entire town. However, in our opinion, if you have that kind of money to spend, why not look at some of the luxury vacation rentals in town? There are some really beautiful beach front rentals that will provide an unforgettable vacation experience.

Santa Barbara hotels and resorts offer good service and amenities and most of them are located a block or two away from down town area of Santa Barbara. Aside from the hotel accommodation which they provide explicitly, some might also have mouth watering restaurants under their roofs.

But if you want a variety of choices, you can walk down the streets of Santa Barbara, and for sure you will feast your eyes with the number of restaurants that serve a variety of cuisine. You can choose from French, Chinese or Japanese dishes and for sure you will come back not just for Santa Barbara’s historic sights but for the dishes that the chef’s can do.

About the author: Melissa Pierson is a self-made entrepreneur, a well known travel consultant and vacation home interior designer. Her specialities include Santa Barbara vacation rentals, luxury and budget vacation accomodations. She consults with tourists on the differences between local Santa Barbara luxury hotels, motels and hotel packages, and spa resorts.