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Santa Barbara

  A Shore Thing
  Beach Bungalow
  Beach Walk
  Best Kept Secret
  Bird Watchers Delight
  Buena Vista
  Casa Sol y Luna
  City Lights
  Coastal Pearl
  Dolphin's Cove
  Escape to Moreton Bay
  Heavenly Haven
  Hideaway Villa
  Ocean Vista
  Our Happy Place
  Pebble Hill
  Prancing Pony
  Santa Barbara Getaway
  Sea Breeze
  Sea Otter
  Sea Views
  Sea Watch
  Stone House Cottage
  The Retreat
  Villa Robles
  Vista del Mar



Palm Springs

  Villa Vista

Mammoth Lakes

  Alpine Rose
  Happy Trails
  Knotty Pine


  Pool Side Retreat
  Quick Escape


  Lake Front Retreat
  Magnificent Montana


  Ocean Front Escape


  South of France


  Sunsets and Sand


  Casa Alba
  La Torre


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Santa Barbara Luxury Hotels

If you are planning your next trip and have no idea where you will be spending your next holiday, then you might consider Santa Barbara. This will definitely be an experience of a life time. There is just so much a person knows about a city or a country, but when it comes to Santa Barbara, you didn’t know it all. Make sure you book yourself into one of the luxury hotels. Santa Barbara will surely leave you mesmerized by its beauty and history.

Once you arrive in Santa Barbara you will likely be staying at one of the Santa Barbara Inns or Santa Barbara hotels. If you are a part of the mega wealthy elite, you might be staying at one of the Santa Barbara luxury hotels. The smart tourists, however, know that the homely feel, and affordability of a vacation rental is the best option. You should know that the experience will be quite different if you decide to go for a vacation rental. That said, there are some very nice hotels in town if you are just staying for the night. Visit one of the spa resorts and spoil yourself a little. Besides, you deserve it. All the hard work and life’s every day stress has surely taken its toll on your body and it is about time you let go and let professionals take care of you.

If you are just passing through town, a hotel might be a good option. You can choose between a variety of different Santa Barbara spa resorts. Most of these hotel options will not come with come with fireplaces, which may or may not be a concern for you. Vacation rentals often have fireplaces and are close to the beach. Either way you decide, just imagine the relaxation.Take a break and walk out on the terrace and look out at the ocean. Here you will find relaxation and peace.

Go down to the beautiful Leadbetter beach and strike up a conversation with other locals. At Santa Barbara resorts and Santa Barbara vacation rentals, time seems to stand still. It is truly a vacation you will not forget.

Don’t wait for this opportunity to slip through your fingers. Don’t decide that you are going to leave your visit to Santa Barbara for next year. This opportunity will not come around again. If it does, your anticipation of wanting it so bad the first time you wanted it will not be as strong.

The second you have this chance, take it and enjoy yourself. Book into a vacation rental or hotel and you will see. Maybe you will have everything laid out and know exactly what you will be doing there everyday, but that changes very quickly once you see what is available to you.

Make plans in advance so that you can look forward to the things you will be doing during your Santa Barbara weekend. You will quickly notice how your time is absorbed by all the things you will experience once you arrive. You have never been spoiled like this in your life and this you need, whether it is for a weekend, a week or three weeks in a private vacation home.

There is only so much you can fit in a weekend. Enjoy your time in Santa Barbara and make it the most memorable time of your life, because who knows if this opportunity will come around again? Our best advice to you is to look into the santa barbara vacation rentals before you check out the hotels, so that you can have a good perspective on the differences in price, and comfort.

About the author: Melissa Pierson is a self-made entrepreneur, a well known travel consultant and vacation home interior designer. Her specialities include Santa Barbara vacation rentals, luxury and budget vacation accomodations. She consults with tourists on the differences between local Santa Barbara vacation rentals, motel and hotel packages, and spa resorts.