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Santa Barbara

  A Shore Thing
  Beach Bungalow
  Beach Walk
  Best Kept Secret
  Bird Watchers Delight
  Buena Vista
  Casa Sol y Luna
  City Lights
  Coastal Pearl
  Dolphin's Cove
  Heavenly Haven
  Hideaway Villa
  Ocean Vista
  Our Happy Place
  Pebble Hill
  Prancing Pony
  Santa Barbara Getaway
  Sea Otter
  Sea Views
  Sea Watch
  Stone House Cottage
  The Retreat
  Villa Robles
  Vista del Mar



Palm Springs

  Villa Vista

Mammoth Lakes

  Alpine Rose
  Happy Trails
  Knotty Pine


  Lake Front Retreat
  Magnificent Montana


  Ocean Front Escape


  South of France


  Sunsets and Sand


  Casa Alba
  La Torre


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Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals

Do you feel the need to get away for a while but at the same time don’t want to be away from home? While it may sound strange to some, many people do feel like leaving their homes for vacation but have reservation about staying in a new environment in a far place. One reason for such reservations is the fact that some people prefer their own space, and that is not easy to get from, say, a hotel. So for a homelike experience while away; visit theCoastal Hideaways website at to view our various Santa Barbara vacation rentals.

Logging on to our website will also enable you to view different prices for longer and shorter periods of stay which can be a week, two, or even months; depending on how long you would like to enjoy the beautiful accommodation offered at our Santa Barbara vacation rentals. So if the office is becoming all too much and you feel like you want to relax near a beach, there are so many rental homes to choose from at Coastal Hideaway you wouldn’t know where to begin to choose! These rental homes also extend beyond the Santa Barbara area so that means you have a variety of places to choose from.

Coastal Hideaways has properties in North and South America and in some European countries like Italy and France. So whichever part of the world you may fancy going to, we will provide you with that homely environment. But Santa Barbara vacation rentals are by far the largest number of rental homes that Coastal Hideaways have with more than 40 rental homes across the Santa Barbara coast. So stop procrastinating your vacation; there is a wide range of vacation types to choose from, whether you like to be around people or not, go out there and enjoy yourself.

For a vacation of a lifetime visit Coastal Hideaways today to choose from a wide variety of Santa Barbara vacation homes and get away from all the troubles and hustle that life throws you way. Everyone needs a vacation now and then, perhaps it’s time you afforded yourself one. So whether you want to go alone or bring your whole family, Santa Barbara vacation rentals are here to cater for all your needs, all you to do is log onto our website and we choose the house that best suits you and it’s yours!

Our Santa Barbara vacation rentals come with a wide range of amenities. So whether you prefer a bath tub to a shower, or like the combination of the two, our vacation homes are tailor-made to suit your individual needs. Just call us at (805)969-1995 or send us a fax at (805)969-7795 for any queries related to your vacation and our friendly customer services staff will be more than happy to assist you plan the vacation of your life. So go out there and enjoy yourself! And leave accommodating you in a homely environment to people who know it best, Coastal Hideaways